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30 September 2012 @ 02:40 pm

So I decided to post some of my film discussions from my Film Class at UNLV. 

The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff.Collapse )

The Great Train RobberyCollapse )

A Trip to the MoonCollapse )

16 August 2012 @ 07:01 pm

It's nothing personal, but I felt the need to clean out my friends list, like I do every year. You were only cut if you haven't updated in a year or more, you moved to a different account and closed your journal, you migrated to another site and rarely use your LJ account anymore, or we never talked. Here are the list of names I cut so speak now or forever hold your pee. If you wish to remain on my mutual friends list or you think I made a mistake, please leave a comment below and I will re-add you, otherwise, you may reverse the favor and cut me as well. No hard feelings. 

However, half the people on this list will never see this entry because they don't use LJ anymore so they're stuck listing me as a friend. 

List of names under here.Collapse )

14 August 2012 @ 08:31 pm

So, I haven't drawn in a long time due to getting ready for college and all but I found some free time today to start a new drawing. I wanted to work on more concept art for my novel but I decided to take a break. Feeling really inspired by queen_asante's Ed, Edd 'N' Eddy fanfic entitled Edd, Interrupted  which explores more of the dark-side of the original 90's children's T.V. show, I decided to draw my favorite character after the Eds: Rolf, a farm-boy from Europe who speaks English in a thick northern European accent. As you can tell from my new icons, I currently got re-obsessed with this old stupid fandom of mine; if you aren't a 90's kid like me you probably don't know what it is let alone remember it although they still air re-runs of old episodes, I think. Anyhow, Rolf has always been my favorite Cul-de-sac kid, and he is the most 3-dimensional after the main characters. I personally think he is the best foreign cartoon character ever created. Danny Antonucci, the creator of Ed, Edd 'N' Eddy embodied a lot of himself in the character of Rolf, being an Italian boy growing up in Canada to immigrant parents.


Rolf 001

Both the scan and the new LJ photo up-loader insults the Son of a Shepherd.

You can also see it here on deviantART in better quality, since LJ messed it up.

22 July 2012 @ 12:28 pm

Just when I thought there was nothing to post about, at approximately 3:30 am this morning someone threw a rock in my parents' bedroom window 20 minutes after my dad left for his graveyard shift at the MGM. Shocking, I know. My sis jdnightghobhadi already posted about it (you may check her journal if you wish) but I decided to take photographic evidence and go into more detail about the vandalism.


Some ass-hole neighbour doesn't like us. Collapse )

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20 July 2012 @ 10:34 pm
By George, am I actually posting? Gasp. I haven't posted in over a month. I've been too busy with math tutoring this summer plus choosing my classes for my first Fall Semester of University. But since no one wants to be bored to tears with my life (I wouldn't) here's a sketch dump of ugly WIP's that I started, some this month, some last month.

Merida Progress by ~Sarahfina-Rose on deviantART

Je T'aime Progress Photo 1 by ~Sarahfina-Rose on deviantART

Je T'aime Progress 1 by ~Sarahfina-Rose on deviantART

Je T'aime Progress 2 by ~Sarahfina-Rose on deviantART

No I will not put this under a cut.


When there's nothing else to post, I have to be a Bitch Critic.

Small rant on 'Brave'.Collapse )

I'm not actually looking forward to this one at all. I'm still going to go see it, but I'm not saying I'm going to love it. And next year there's Monsters University.....*sigh*.  HEADDESK.





Now I'm going to get on my MU soap box.

So the God-awful trailer was released. Whoop-dee-do, and Ooh-la-la!

In which I rant on College. Prepare for a GIF Party.Collapse )

18 June 2012 @ 08:01 pm

Now that I'm FINALLY done with any immediate obligations to art at the present time, here is a plan of my future art projects from here on out. No, I don't really make actual ''plans'' for what I'm going to draw next, it's not like I take out my calendar and mark in advance, ''Okay, July I'm going to draw this, and August I'm going to draw this,'' no I don't work that way. By ''plan'' I mean that this is only a list that gives me some sort of ideas of what I have in mind for my future projects. That being said, this ''plan'', so to speak, is spontaneous and may or may not happen exactly as written. Some of the ideas on this list might happen next month or next year, or a few years into the future, it depends on how I feel. I never have an EXACT idea of what I'm going to draw next. I mean, sometimes I do, but whatever comes to me first and whatever feels right at the moment is the one I'm going to do next. I draw whatever I feel like doing first and then the rest comes later.

So here is a list of ideas I have in mind for my future art projects in no particular order:

1. Phantom of the Opera book/musical fanart- I did some in the past, and I have shared them and touched some of the old ones up, but I'm ready to add another twist to POTO.

2. Water for Elephants fanart -At least one drawing of Marlena and one drawing of August.

3. Wicked book fanart - I've been meaning to get to this in awhile. I did some fanart in 8th grade and will probably share it sometime despite how horrible they are, but I have some new ideas for fanart in mind. I will eventually draw Elphaba, G(a)linda, Nessarose, Boq and the other characters from the book, but because there is so much Elphaba and G(a)linda fanart on deviantART- mostly of the musical though- I decided I wanted to draw some of the book characters not in the musical first. Nor-Illanora, Fiyero's daughter and half-sibling to Lirr, Elphaba's son, is first on my list because she was always another favorite character of mine after Elphaba.


4.   Fanart of :iconsilverdo-prime: 's and :iconblacknaginata: 's Metamorphosis- I mainly just want to draw the heroine Elisa Gibbs. Meta is a modern version of Phantom of the Opera, by the way. *grin*


5. Some drawings of :iconblacknaginata: 's other OC's- That includes Danielle DeMarsh and Jessica Ann Woodward.

6. Neon Genesis Evangelion fanart-  I never saw the anime and don't know much about it, but I have seen art of Asuka Langley Soryu on deviantART, and some drawings depict her with an eye patch. This made me curious enough to look her up and read about her on the Eva Wiki page and discover why she had an eye patch in certain fanart. Even though I never saw the anime, her character alone was enough to captivate me. The show itself isn't of my interest as I'm not really into sci-fi robot-fighting genres, but I do adore Asuka's character. She is very tragic and 3-dimensional, which is usually odd for anime female characters (most anime characters, not all, are pretty 1-dimentional and quite boring save for a few), so just reading about Asuka's character was enough to make me want to draw her. I also would like to draw Rei Ayanami even though she is not as fascinating as Asuka, but she's beautiful and mysterious.


7.  Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister fanart-  I finished the book awhile ago and loved the story and the characters as much as Wicked, so I would like to attempt the heroine Iris and the ''Cinderella'' in the story called Clara. I have yet to write a book review and post it, but stay tuned!


8. More concept art for my novel, Our Last Days as Children of Monsters- I started a few and have to finish them.


9. Whatever else comes to mind.


10. Oh, and before I completely forget, a quick request for



Okay, yes, I said before I was done with fanart for a few years so I could focus more on my original stuff, particularly concept art for my novel, but these are just some pieces I would like to attempt quickly, like maybe one or two for now, before getting back down to business. Currently, I started a small sketch of Merida from Pixar's Brave (no, I am NOT a fan of the movie but Merida's gorgeous red locks were too tempting to pass up, so yes. I'm following the trend and hopping on the red-head frenzy train).

What else is new?

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17 June 2012 @ 07:01 pm

Please Don't Go to Scarborough Fair Photo 15 by ~Sarahfina-Rose on deviantART

Please Don't Go to Scarborough Fair Photo 16 by ~Sarahfina-Rose on deviantART

Please Don't Go to Scarborough Fair Photo 17 by ~Sarahfina-Rose on deviantART

FINALLY, it's done, and I even saved my dead roses for the right occasion in order to get into the Scarborough Fair mood.

What was supposed to be a quick request for zipzap1313 of Randall X Fungus from Monsters, Inc. turned into something more... complex. This ended up taking me two and a half whole long months, from April 1st till June 17th.

But I must say, it was worth it. I won't say this is my best work, but I am pleased with it. What went from this  became this:

Worth it? Hell yes.

Please don't go to Scarborough Fair... )

25 May 2012 @ 02:51 pm

I forgot to do this yesterday.

Not the best photo but oh well. *shrugs*

23 May 2012 @ 10:02 pm

I know you're all probably getting sick to death of seeing roses. Out of all the thousands of pictures in my computer, I don't have one to share. The hell. I need to take some more. And less roses, Goddammit.

22 May 2012 @ 12:24 pm

Not mine. This cat is so ugly, it looks like Steve Buscemi, although an ugly version.

21 May 2012 @ 04:36 pm

A giant Douglas Hoffman poster that hangs on the largest wall in my room. A camera cannot simply capture the beauty (and largeness) of it.